Helpdesk solutions is versatile.

It is an excellent way of customer service delivery for different business functions.

Simply put, a self-service helpdesk equipped with knowledgebase can greatly boost service quality, improve productivity.


Customer Service Helpdesk

Customers expect fast, reliable and high quality service nowadays. A perfect solutions is to put in place a helpdesk system which is available 24 hours a day, throughout the year. Anytime anywhere, customers can simply drop questions to your service team.

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IT Technical Support Helpdesk

Surprisingly, many businesses are still doing their IT technical support pretty much manually. Getting requests in emails, logging issues in Excel spreadsheets. Why not an IT support helpdesk? It works 24×7. It automates notifications, routings and responses. 

Our helpdesk solutions is simple, intuitive, easy-to-use for everyone. IT team does not need to worry about “user training”.

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Human Resource Helpdesk

Employees are internal customers. They are ambassadors for the business.

Happy employees makes customers happy!

Self-service helpdesk serves all employees well. A HR helpdesk allows employees find the information they need about insurance, benefits, remuneration, career development, training etc, anytime they need.

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Product Support Helpdesk

Good after-sales service earns customer confidence and trust. A product support helpdesk enhances service quality while lowers operation costs. Always available to assist your customers is the key. Analytical report enables good understanding of the business, as well as empower effective management.

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Student Helpdesk

In universities, colleges and training institutions, with a big number of student population, a student helpdesk can dramatically reduce routine administrative workload, thus boost staff productivity. Less time spent, more work done. So, why not for educational organizations?

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Property Management Helpdesk

In management of residential or commercial building premises, the management body, landlords, tenants, buyers are constantly in discussion over all sorts of matters. In the case of condo management, landlords and tenants need to communicate to the management team to make reports, raise requests, lodge issues. An online helpdesk portal will ensure all these messages are being kept track until they are replied and resolved.

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