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We provide general introduction, features and benefits analysis, helpdesk solutions walk-through and success stories in the form of downloadable PDF. Feel free to download from this document library.


  • General Introduction of Helpdesk
  1. Customer-Ticket.com cloud solution brochure
  2. Helpdesk software vs incident ticket system
  • Helpdesk Solution Features and Benefits
  1. System features and benefits
  2. Benefits and business advantages of incident ticket system
  • Solution Walkthrough and Inside the Helpdesk Solution
  1. User interfaces and screenshots
  2. System walkthrough and test case scenarios
  • Helpdesk Ticket & Chart Reports
  1. Ticket report and analytical chart samples
  • Industry-Specific Analysis
  1. Analysis of customer service processes and issues in healthcare industry
  • Success Stories, Business Cases and Testimonials
  1. JAS Forwarding
  2. Multinet Security Technology (Hong Kong)
  3. FIT Business and Management Sdn Bhd
  • Additional Information
  1. Wamp  Multimedia Sdn Bhd – Official Web Site
  2. Customer-Ticket.com Blog