Interactions with Customers

Still collecting sales enquiry, general feedback, customer complaint, support request and after-sales issue via email, phone call or form?

Then, why helpdesk is a better choice?

If a business is still doing so, it will experience certain degree of difficulty to manage, keep track and reply those messages and customer communications.

Keeping track of phone calls is totally manual work. It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money, and it is still very prone to errors and mistakes.

Collecting via emails will certainly ease a little bit of the problems. However, if everything just comes into the mailbox without proper classifications, how would it be possible to prioritize the tasks effectively?

Other key issues of using email account for customer feedback collections include lack of audit trail, security control. As a result, the management team finds it impossible to monitor staff progress and performances.

Why helpdesk? Simply because our ticket helpdesk is a complete solution to greatly enhance customer service quality and efficiency.

To illustrate “Why Helpdesk” in more details, here is a comparison:

Ticket Helpdesk versus Email analysis

why helpdesk? boxing ring comparison of email vs helpdesk


Why Helpdesk?

Because it BOOST responsiveness and ENHANCE team collaboration for all different industries.

Helpdesk solution is NOT just for the IT industry. So why helpdesk is useful for other industries?

Because of cloud-based model, simplicity in creating tickets, and powerful features including automatic ticket workflow, auto responses, and analytical reporting features, helpdesk solution can facilitate work mobility, greatly improve efficiency in any operations which involve helping internal or external parties.


Property Management Industry - helpdesk boost service quality Hospitality Industry Logistics Industry Healthcare Industry - helpdesk boost service quality IT Support Industry - helpdesk boost service quality Electronics Industry - helpdesk boost service quality Retail Industry - helpdesk boost service quality Education Industry - helpdesk boost service quality

Here below explains how our general purpose helpdesk can boost responsiveness, enhance team collaboration and improve work efficiency for different industries.


Property Management Industry

There are always regular communication needs between landlords, management firms and tenants. It may be about billing, utilities, facilities, complaints, public notices, new sales etc.

Helpdesk is a very efficient communication platform on which tenants can raise their requests, inquires to the management firms or the landlords. Issues related to utilities, facilities needs immediate and urgent attention, cloud-based helpdesk allows management to stay connected anytime, anywhere.


Hospitality Industry

In hospitality industry, customer service quality is of paramount importance. Customer retention and customer loyalty is significantly driven by the quality of service and responsiveness. By adopting cloud-based helpdesk technology, the communication delays between the hospitality industry and their customers are greatly minimized, thus driving higher customer satisfaction. Happy customers always bring recurring revenue and income to businesses.

For example, hotels, theme parks, club houses can automatically collect customers enquiries or questions, to gather feedback or complaints, and even to take down service bookings by deploying our helpdesk solutions. Messages will be automatically forwarded to relevant staff for processing and response.


Logistics Industry

For logistics businesses, they often have business operations and offices in different geographical locations, and these locations may be operating in different timezones. Making sure staff from different places can connect to each others efficiently and cost-effectively are always big challenges.

Shipping agents, forwarders can make sure of helpdesk solutions so that their existing or new customers can request for quotations, check on shipping status etc. It is also a collaboration platform where staff from different offices can jointly discuss, and work on tasks.

Working in emails will not provide analysis and reporting, and emails tend to be forgotten and left unanswered. On the contrary, helpdesk solution is a powerful platform for team work, providing real-time reports for operation performance.

Cloud-based helpdesk is a team work platform which is ALWAYS accessible, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Working as a web service, our helpdesk works on any browsers on computers, tablets and smartphones.


Healthcare Industry

Similar to the hospitality industry, healthcare industry shall be customer-centric. Healthcare service providers should always put customers satisfaction as top priority. Customer loyalty is built gradually by offering high quality, personalized services, and fast responses when questions are asked, requests are fulfilled, issues are resolved.

There are still many healthcare service providers using manual approaches to handle their customer requests, enquiries and complaints, such practice often result in certain degree of response delays, and even undesirably leave the questions and enquiries totally unattended and forgotten.

In the cases of medical centers and hospitals, they are facing a large number of patients, visitors everyday. Still putting some paper forms on reception counters to gather customer opinion or complaints? Why not use our online form to automate all these tedious data entry tasks, which are also prone to human errors?


Information Technology Industry

For sure, IT industry is the one which probably is the heaviest user of helpdesk solutions. Nowadays, IT support requests and services in any organizations shall not be recorded manually anymore. With higher demands from management in areas of corporate governance, operation supervision, audit control, security control, service level agreement, support efficiency, cloud-based helpdesk solutions will be able to automate many of the tasks, significantly speed up issue resolutions, and provide real-time reports and analysis.


Electronics Industry

In electronics industry, business in sales distribution, technical enquiry, installation, after sales service always require good customer support which can provide specialized expertise and technical knowledge. Sometimes, on-site support is essential in some electronics businesses where engineers are constantly on the go.

Having a mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution helps the electronics businesses, support teams, customers to stay in touch constantly, without limitation of time, without any boundaries.


Retail Industry

Where there are a large number of customers, keeping tracking of their questions and feedback is always a big challenge by itself. Making sure their messages are attended to promptly, and not forgotten require very detailed and proper logging.

Customers always want themselves to be valued. If they feel so, they will be loyal to a business, driving up sales. When on the spot resolutions are not always possible, customers should always be given access check on their enquiries, questions, feedback or complaints. They need to be attended.

Helpdesk solution which identifies each message as individual case with unique case reference number is important for future follow up. Providing online self-service to your customers also mean less work is required just for keeping your customers informed of the status and progress.


Education Industry

In education industry, service providers like universities, colleges, schools, and professional training centers have to deal with a large number of students. The volume of communications between them are often too big to be handled effectively in emails, paper forms or phone calls. Providing self-service to students will also be crucial to reduce the workload of staff when handling a large number of student enquiries on daily basis.

As such, helpdesk solution is an ideal way to facilitate the communications between providers and their customers or students, as well as to automate student self-service, thus greatly improving responsiveness.