What are the advantages of a helpdesk solution over email?

Why does a helpdesk solution excel in providing customer services, support services?

The answer is obvious. We analyze and explain this WHY.


Ticket Helpdesk vs Email

Response Time Automatic Ticket Routing & Distribution User Access & Security Control Management Supervision & Audit Control Performance Analysis & Reporting Communication Statistics Corporate Governance & ISO Compliance Service Level Agreement (SLA) Email Integration Work Mobility

Response Time

Depends on how regular emails are checked and replied. Almost impossible to set a corporate standard policy.

We can assign or transfer any tickets to staff, accelerating responses. Overdue tickets are flagged for immediate attention.

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Automatic Ticket Routing & Distribution

Email cannot be automatically routed or distributed to different personnel based on email subject.

Each ticket has a category which will effectively decide what departments receive it. Extra routing is possible with ticket filters which facilitate automatic ticket routing, assignment, priority escalation and auto response based on pre-defined criteria.


User Access & Security Control

No control. Any staff with email access can reply. People can delete emails on purpose, or by accidents. As such, history will be lost.

We have user accounts for everyone accessing the helpdesk. All conversations are automatically recorded with time and staff account. Accountability and transparency is always ensured.

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Management Supervision & Audit Control

No proper audit trail. All email messages are mixed up and stored in single inbox. Searching is difficult.

Each topic is an individual incident ticket. Follow up conversations are automatically grouped under the same message tree. Audit trail and chat history is well maintained.


Performance Analysis & Reporting

No reports can be produced based on emails.

Analysis from different perspectives and printable reports available to see how fast tickets are resolved, what departments are most heavily involved, response time and efficiency of the team.

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analysis statistics

Communication Statistics

Using emails, it is impossible to gather statistics, unless done manually.

Provides real-time statistics for activity of all incident tickets logged for easy review, graphical presentation in charts and tables.


Corporate Governance & ISO Compliance

Fail to fulfil ISO requirements.

With proper access control policy, full communication history records. We help your business meet ISO standards.

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analysis service level agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA is impossibly achieved if using email communications only.

SLA is enforced. Automatic escalations will be carried out if any tickets are left unattended.


Email Integration

Can designate an email account to collect tickets. System is capable to automatically convert received emails into tickets.

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Work Mobility

Business emails may or may not be accessible outside office premise.

We are 100% cloud-based. Our solution is accessible via Internet from anywhere. Tackle urgent issues anytime, anywhere.


While this is the direct comparison of Helpdesk versus Email, it illustrates the advantage of helpdesk over email in providing customer service.

Here is a list of all the features available from helpdesk.