Helpdesk Solution Key Features

Internet-Enabled Responsive Design Business Theme and Color Ticket Category HTML, PDF and Spreadsheet Canned Responses Service Level Agreements Knowledgebase and FAQ Self-Service Check Rich Text Message Transfer and Assign Automatic Response WhatsApp and SMSService Feedback and RatingFlexible Ticket Form Ticket History Report Reports and Analysis System Admin Reports Access and Security Internal Communications Ticket Locking Email Integration Robust Cloud Infrastructure Customer Star Rating Active Directory Single Sign-On 2 Factor Authentication


Accessible whenever you are online, via smartphone, tablet, notebook. Internet connection and a web browser is all you need.

Responsive Design

Responsive design means we are mobile-friendly. Work on the go does not always need a notebook. Mobile devices can do the same job well.

Business Theme and Color

No matter which industry or business you are running, we can offer you a color theme which best illustrates your business nature.

Ticket Category

Tickets are classified at the time of creation. They will be automatically prioritized and routed to the relevant team for speedy reactions.

HTML, PDF and Spreadsheet

3 report formats available. HTML is easy for online view and print. PDF is best if you need to email. Spreadsheet makes easy for presentation.

Canned Responses

Standardize the responses to customers? Of course it is important. It improves service quality consistency. We always keep this in mind.

Service Level Agreements

SLA tracks tickets and due dates. Receive overdue alert and make sure all tickets are well taken care of promptly.

Knowledgebase and FAQ

Build a library of most asked questions and answers for your users. Before they ask questions, give them a good chance to find answers by themselves.

Self-Service Check

Customers can check for replies or give further information on their tickets online anytime. Self-service checking will reduce agent workloads.

Rich Text Message

Rich text or HTML is allowed in ticket messages and responses. Customers can put pictures right in the messages (not just attaching!) and agents can include screen shots for illustrations.

Transfer and Assign

Transfer tickets between departments to make sure it is handled by the correct team. Assign tickets to appropriate personnel or team can give best results.

Automatic Response

Automatic responses are sent out when new tickets are opened or messages are received. Service team will always get immediate notifications when questions are asked.

WhatsApp and SMS

Keep customers and users updated of progress by automatic notifications via WhatsApp and/or SMS.

Service Feedback and Rating

Feedback mechanisam allows customers or users to rate staff service quality and response per each ticket on a 5 star grade scale.

Flexible Ticket Form

Configurable ticket forms allow versatile data design. Different questions can be asked upon opening tickets of different issue topics.

Ticket History Report

Customers can save or print a copy of the ticket history report anytime. This allow customers to keep records of their requests offline.

Reports and Analysis

Get reports on the fly. Analyse your ticket operations with real-time data. Our charts will give you insights from various perspectives.

System Admin Reports

Analyse and export the list of users and understand the utilisation of file attachment size by data type, issue topic, department etc.

Access and Security

Agent access are configurable. Agents can have different security rights and access tickets from different departments.

Internal Communications

Internal communications on tickets will not be visible to customers. Activity logs will offer a comprehensive audit trails of everything that happens.

Ticket Locking

Ticket locking mechanism allows agents to lock tickets during response and avoid conflicts or multiple responses on the same tickets.

Email Integration

Want to channel customer feedback from emails to our helpdesk platform? No worry. We can convert every single email into ticket automatically.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure

We focus on the business solutions. We team up with cloud infrastructure experts to give the best and reliable cloud service.

Customer Star Rating

Collection of feedback from users and customers can help improve customer services, thus build long-term customer loyalty. 5-star rating mechanism to rate your staff performance.

Active Directory

Got an Active Directory running in your network? We have an option to integrate the user authentication into our ticket helpdesk.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Managing multiple web services? Single Sign-On enhances user management and control. Users can conveniently use one login credential for multiple web services.

2 Factor Authentication

Need an extra layer of security on user login? 2 factor authentication features will safeguard from any un-authorized access.


Features Updates

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