We are an cloud solution initiative under Wamp Multimedia Sdn Bhd.

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Customer-Ticket.com focuses on ticket helpdesk cloud solutions for business clients.

In 2014, Wamp Multimedia Sdn Bhd is certified as an approved ISV for MSC Malaysia Cloud Computing Initiative, by MSC Malaysia.

“We are a Malaysia-based company experienced in Enterprise Solutions in cloud computing. As a result of broadband growth in Malaysia, businesses are looking into cost-savings in IT. This leads to the creation of Customer-Ticket.com in order to help our clients deliver high quality customer service.”

Our cloud-based helpdesk system enables our clients to collect external customer feedback, and to enhance internal communications between different geographical operations.

Follow up Fast, Boost customer satisfaction !

Our clientele covers a wide range industries.

Logistics companies with multiple operating in multiple locations within Malaysia

Hospitality businesses which receive high volume of customer enquiries on daily basis

Education providers which has a sizable student population and a large volume of enquiries to handle

Healthcare industry who always stress on service quality and responsiveness

Online shopping businesses are all those who can benefits from having a ticket system, by making communications more efficient and well coordinated.